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San Carlos Fishing Charter | Fishing & Weather Report 6/8/16

Fishing Report 6/8/16 | San Carlos, Mexico

Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado

Summer has arrived and the South winds will be heavy at 13-18 knots through at least Friday.  Next week is looking better 8-10 knots.  Fortunately San Carlos Fishing Charter's "Shady Lady" is large enough to handle the ocean swell.  If you're sea-sensitive (i.e. you get seasick easily) it might not be a bad idea to pack the Dramamine, just as a precaution. With water temperatures at 83 and air temperatures at 85+, the wind is a welcome blessing.

The Dorado are small but they're biting and it's always a joy to pull such a rainbow of color out of the water.  Soon enough we'll begin to see some larger Dorado in the area.  The marlin are coming in closer to the coast and fisherman still can't seem to keep them off the lines.  Oh what a luxurious problem to have!  There have been reports of Sierra and tuna in the area and the Sailfish have invaded the San Carlos area.  Reports of thousands if not tens of thousands of Sailfish were reported just a few days back.

If Dorado, Sailfish and Marlin are what you're into, now's the time to get out there!

Contact us today to schedule your fishing charter or a cruise around the bay.  San Carlos Fishing Charter can customize a tour to fit the needs of your group, big or small.

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